Wake Festival – workshop opportunity

I’m so pleased to have been asked to give a workshop as part of Wake Festival. The program is sooo good!


Here some info:

Manuel Vason workshop and WAKE festival performance documentation opportunity.

As part of WAKE festival 8th – 10th September ]performance s p a c e [ will be working with renowned photographer Manuel Vason to offer a dynamic performance documentation workshop. The workshop will take place e from 1st – 5th September in Folkestone,  following which participants will document the work taking place across WAKE festival. Each participant will either be assigned an artist to work with for the duration of the festival or an evenings event to document.

About Manuel Vason: Manuel Vason’s artistic practice explores the relationship between photography and performance, presence and representation. He considers the capturing of a moment as an act of creation, a ritual towards the illusion of immortality, and an exchange between who is in front and who is behind the camera. The collaborative nature of his practice shapes a unique, hybrid art form and generates new vocabularies. His collaborations to date have produced some of the most iconic images of performance and his work has been published and presented internationally. Website.

Participants will be provided with a bursary of £100, food and assistance with accommodation if necessary.

Participants must be able to attend 2 out of the 4 WAKE program events taking place ahead of the festival.

These are: Rising 17th June, Vigil: Black 24th June, Vigil: Rite 29th July, Vigil: Earth 26th August.

To apply please send: A short letter of motivation, artist’s bio/statement & weblink. To:

Deadline for applications 5pm, 31st June.

Successful applicants notified by 14th July.

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Documentation of Body Media II Exhibition

I just received a couple of pictures from China and I was well impressed with the installation. I said to the curator I was worried about the reflections on the artwork as the images were mounted on perspex and they constructed a lit ceiling…

The credit of the images: ” Photograph by Jiang Wenyi, Power Station of Art ”

Manuel Vason web

The credit of the images: ” Photograph by Jiang Wenyi, Power Station of Art ”

Manuel Vason-2web

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THE ETHICAL DOCUMENT – Tate Liverpool – Look Festival

Thu 11 May  2:00pm – 3:30pmTate Exchange Space, Level 1, Tate Liverpool, Albert Dockbrazil-Capture-026

I’m really looking forward to share some ideas and example of my work around a topic so complex and poignant as The Ethical Document.

Take part in a discussion exploring photography and performance:

This event is aimed at artists, photographers, curators and those interested in socially engaged practice, the event will be chaired by Sarah Fisher; Executive Director of Open Eye Gallery.

Join Jennifer Verson, Manuel Vason and Tara Fatehi Irani of the DARC collective for talks and presentations on the practices, aesthetics and ethics of co-creating performance documentation, performance photography and photo performances.

Last summer Manuel Vason was in residence with the multi-faith women’s group and choir Migrant Artists Mutual Aid (MaMa) and the transmutable voices team: performer/director Jennifer Verson, artist/psychotherapist Lorena Rivero de Beer and and social psychologist Pamella Mastrilli and co-created a series of photo performances exploring new aesthetics of citizenship.

Manuel Vason returns to Liverpool on May 11th with Tara Fatehi Irani to discuss the theories, processes and challenges of creating the ethical document.

DARC are a collective of artists who believe that the documentation of other artists work is not just preservation but a creative act. This event is programmed by Open Eye Gallery in association with LOOK/17 and is part of the week long event LOOK/17: UK/China Cultural Exchange II.

Here the weblink to the event:

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Body Media II Exhibition Shanghai

I’m very excited to participate on this group exhibition at the Power Station Gallery in Shanghai China.


Body Media II will first incorporate PSA’s industrial space as a cold body and a segment of modernity. This cold body will use hot language and hot narration to guide visitors around internally like the circulation of blood, to test if space, artworks, and visitors can achieve uniformity in terms of languages and actions. 

Body Media II continues the theme of Body Media, which took place at the Red Town Sculpture Center in 2007 and was mainland’s earliest international interactive media exhibition. 10 years ago, Body Media took place in two totally enclosed black boxes, and the sense of space was intentionally taken away, with bodies of visitors becoming keys to open projects in the sense of time. After a decade, when we re-look at “body” and “media”, they have gone beyond the relations of mirror or cooperation, and are leading to interesting performativity as they are now substitutes to each other.

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Exhibition/collaboration at Coleman Project Gallery

After one year collaboration with artist Anne Bean, I’m very excited to see the images exhibited.

Exhibition/collaboration at Coleman Project Gallery

EMIT a dialogue through time
Preview:             Friday 17 March 6-9.30 pm

Dates:                 March 18 – April 9 2017

Times:                12-6 pm Fri, Sat, Sun. & by appt.

Performance:    3 pm  Sunday 9 April

Talk:                   4 pm Sunday 9 April

Coleman Project Space is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Anne Bean that have grown out of her film-performance project ‘Night Chant’ – originally conceived for the Whitechapel gallery’s 2015 symposium ‘Performance and Politics in 1970s’. Bean is interested in the different ways artists have been influenced over the years by the permissive space that performance art has provided. ‘Night Chant’ is a short film that explores her personal connections with five artists who sadly, and suddenly, died a few years ago. Two of them – Alexis Hunter and Rita Harris – were based next door, or very near, to Coleman Project Space during the seventies. In a recent Art Monthly interview, Bean said of these relationships: ‘We are each other’s archives and legacies’.

Hunter used photography to powerfully buck sexual, social and gender stereotypes, while Harris became a recognised master of t’ai chi, using her art as a healing tool – such as leading a ritual ceremony as part of Bean’s ‘365 dresses’, a CGP London commission performed locally in Southwark Park in 2005.

For the exhibition at Coleman Project Space, Bean has worked with performance photographer Manuel Vason, to create a series of images for the main gallery depicting sites of significance to the work and lives of Harris and Hunter. These include the room where Hunter made her most radical feminist works, such as ‘Domestic Warfare,’ 1975, and the park where Rita worked and taught t’ai chi. ‘Night Chant’ will be projected in the shed space, which will also become the site for Bean’s new performance work: ‘Secret conversations we didn’t know we were having’.


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Double Exposures at Arnolfini Gallery

Part of a program of short films curated by the Live Art Development Agency, Double Exposures images have be projected on the walls of the first floor gallery for 5 days.Double Exposures at Arnolfini Gallery

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The PhotoPerformer: Permanent Actions – Disposable Images Exhibition

This is the first exhibition of the PhotoPerformer in Mexico!

The PhotoPerformer : Permanent Actions – Disposable Images

“Perhaps all anxiety might derive from a fixation on moments — an inability to accept life as ongoing.

The camera lens has become the supreme focal point of that existential anxiety, through which we exorcise the ultimate fixation on freezing the flow of existence.  

Sarah Manguso


In the exhibition Permanent Actions – Disposable Images, The PhotoPerformer proposes to see photographs as actions, as unfixed images, in constant search of meaning, in constant deterioration.

The action of taking a photograph here becomes a poetic act of transformation: before taking somebody else image, the PhotoPerformer becomes an image.

The images created are not a self-portraits but the documentation of his/her relationship with photography.

These images are not asking to be explained or decoded; they resist to get neutralized.

In a world translated in pictures we need to blur the photographic evidence and sharpen our imagination.

The PhotoPerformer: Permanent Actions - Disposable Images Exhibition

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Workshop of Photography and Performance in Queretaro

In preparation of the upcoming exhibition at the Museum of the city of Queretaro I will be working with a group of 16 local artists selected through an open call.

I see this workshop as a great opportunity to share the PhotoPerformer philosophy and spend five days of training practicing and exchanging skills.

My ambition is to include some of the work produce during the workshop on the exhibition.

Workshop of Photography and Performance in Queretaro

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Talk at the Centre of Photography Manuel Alvarez Bravo

Really looking forward to this talk/presentation at the Centre of Photography Manuel Alvarez Bravo. I will be sharing the talk with Rubiane Maia and investigate “methodology” as the theme of the talk.

This will also be a great opportunity to present the work created during the workshop at CASA the Centro de las Artes de San Agostin with a group of 14 incredible artists!!!Talk at the Centre of Photography Manuel Alvarez Bravo

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Workshop – Hacía una imagen poética – Oaxaca

Friends in Oaxaca, I will be giving a week long workshop titled “Hacía una imagen poética” from the 2nd of December at Centro de las Artes de San Agustín. The Centre can offer accommodation for the artists living Outside Oaxaca.

Workshop - Hacía una imagen poética - Oaxaca

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