Artist Statement



Believing in a statement is equal believing in the fixity of language and the narrowness of rationality…

For this reason my statement is destined to be continually repaired and is due to stay in a permanent state of flux.


I see my art practice as a Relationship.

I believe that at the base of any action there is a passage of energy, which I named relationship.

Since I started making art I have utilized the photo camera as a microscope to enlarge relationships.

One of the relationships I have been really fascinated by is the correspondence between the art of photographing and the art of performing.

During the last 15 years, I have explored this complex relationship questioning the notion of collaboration.

I recognized in the gap the impossibility of a perfect union, in which, two separated art forms coexist and express, through collaboration, the creative tension of their differences.

I decided to embody that space in between through my alter ego, the PhotoPerformer.

My objective is to develop this new relationship with my alter ego from an act of collaboration into an act of transformation…  


Manuel Vason 2016








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